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Energize your sessions with Structured Air and Water. Works with any kind of yoga. Take the Dynamically Enhanced (DE) Portable unit to your yoga studio and for home use. Get trained and Certified in Mind Magic Yoga™ DISCOVER MIND MAGIC YOGA™

The yoga that takes you to the next level.

Mind Magic Yoga™ technology takes you beyond the body—beyond the sweat, to the very core or your being, where you can remove and release negative feelings and toxins — in fact, it can release anything that bothers you or impedes your progress in life.

Mind Magic Yoga™ technology is a breakthrough in science, which uses quantum physics to structure the air, water, and sound both in the yoga studio and at home.  

The center-point of Mind Magic Yoga™ technology is a small, portable Dynamically Enhanced energetic structuring device, which changes the bonding of the hydrogen molecule in the air, in the water, and even in you. This device, patent pending, has been developed by a Quantum Physicists from Minnesota, who has worked with the Department of Defense for forty years in underground bases, developing the technologies that made this possible. 

It is the most sophisticated system available today which makes it possible to return the most vital life-supporting needs of our body, air, and water, to its most basic molecular structure—free of pollutants, bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, radiation, and other by-products of our industrial life.  By using this device, the air, and water you use returns to its simpler, purer state and a form more perfect for your body to use, balancing the hemispheres of your brain and the chakras.

The principle is easy.  
Developing the device has taken years to perfect.

When you pour water through the DE Portable over the flow forms inside, it structures the water in only five seconds by imitating the way mother nature cleans water, and that process changes the hydrogen bonding of the water. 

Because there are hydrogen molecules everywhere including in the air you breathe.  When you blow air through the DE Portable with a small 4-inch fan, everyone in the room in the yoga session who is breathing that structured air benefits by balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, just like alternate breathing does!  This process alone with boosting their performance in class, balancing their chakras and helping them to develop much faster!

Breathing structured air neutralizes all viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and radiation in the air and providing a cleaner air source for your body.  You are simply breathing purer air thanks to quantum physics.

We know this sounds amazing.  This device is a giant technological leap forward.  Breathing structured air balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain—not just when you do alternative nostril breathing, but during the entire yoga session!   As all yoga students know, alternate nostril breathing cleans and rejuvenates the nervous system and the vital channels of energy thus preventing serious illness.  But with this device, all the air that you breathe can be truly beneficial, even if when you are not using alternative breathing techniques.  

Why not benefit by breathing structured air as much as possible?

I hold my portable unit up to the air vents when driving my car, and at home, I always have a 4 ½” fan blowing air through the unit when I am working or sleeping so it blows structured air into the room all night long while I sleep.   Many people talk about how they experience the most restful sleep by using this simple technique.

But that’s not all you can do with the DE Portable energetic device!

Breathing structured air is about 1/10 of the positive benefits you can achieve using the DE Portable energetic device. That is why after the yoga session you will want to take the portable unit home to use in cooking, drinking, and bathing because the benefits of structured water are equally amazing.

Different isn't always better, but better is always different.

When you drink water that goes thru the DE Portable device it energetically neutralizes all viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, pesticides, and insecticides, and radiation making it possible for your body to flush them out via the elimination system.  

I take my DE Portable to dinner with me every time I go out to eat.  I put a tablespoon of water from my glass thru the unit and sprinkle it on everything I eat or drink!  It neutralizes all of the bad things and enhances anything good.  Or, if you prefer, you can just blow structured air on your food and drinks using the portable unit.  The next best thing to eating organic!


Water out of the shower is different and softer when you use this device.
Hair is softer, the skin is improved, and bathtub bathing increases the body benefits even more.  My aging spots have turned four shades lighter and have almost disappeared from bathing in the structured water, it reverses DNA/RNA damage.  I am looking younger every day and more energetic too!  I am more creative now than I have ever been in my life!

Wait there is more!  
With this amazing technology, you can eliminate any issue that is bothering you or stressing out, you in as little as 2 minutes! 
We teach you how in our workshop, Mind Magic Works!™.  And we teach you how to do it at home or in the yoga session to help your family and friends.

The combination of Mind Magic Works™ and Mind Magic Yoga™ workshop—Two full days approximately 16 hours for Certification in Mind Magic Yoga™.

The first day and a half consist of training with Mind Magic Works™.  We teach you the basics of using structured water and air, but then we go on to show you how to eliminate any trauma, negative emotions, or situation in your life that is stressing you using this device.  You will bring about great changes in yourself on the first day and many of you will SHIFT to a higher state of consciousness on that first day!  Remember hydrogen is in almost everything, including our own bodies, and everything you structure changes it for the better, including human beings.

On day two, you learn Mind Magic Yoga ™.  We teach you how to use Mind Magic Yoga™ in your yoga sessions without disrupting the flow, integrity, or energy of your yoga sessions. No matter what kind of yoga you teach, Mind Magic Yoga™ will not only work with your class but also enhance the overall outcome and benefits.   By simply using our Portable DE structuring device to structure the air during the entire class you have chosen to help your students’ progress.  If this is all you ever do, you will improve their sessions, and yours greatly, without saying a word!  But, to really be super-charged, they need to drink the structured water every day instantly rehydrating the 50 trillion cells of the body with structured water.

When a student or friend asks you about the unit, because you are using it at home to drink, bathe, and cook with it, you can relate to them all the benefits you can only experience from drinking the water and using it every day.  Remember drinking this water balances the left and right hemispheres of your brain by instantly rehydrating the body like no other water, releasing stress and toxins you will feel better than you ever have before, more alive, energetic, and enthusiastic!  What more is possible?

The cost for the workshop is only $423 for Mind Magic Works™, a day and one-half.  

For Yogi Certification of Mind Magic Yoga™, the second half of day 2 is only $200, and this too is a low introductory cost.  You must take both workshops for the program to work if you are a yoga student or teacher.  In the second half of the second day, we show you how to maximize the use of the DE Portable in your yoga class no matter what kind of yoga you teach.

Anyone can attend the Mind Magic Workshop™, it is not just for yoga students it is for everyone who wants to really improve their life.
 (This low introductory price won't last long)

Yoga students can also be certified in Mind Magic Yoga™ and they can share their knowledge and help their friends and family. On day two, the second half, we teach instructors and yoga students how to use the knowledge from day one in your yoga sessions no matter what kind of yoga you teach.

All Yogis Certified in Mind Magic Yoga™ will be listed Free on our website for students who may wish to attend their yoga sessions where they can experience the positive effects of structured air and water.

Certified Yoga instructors teaching classes will be given free weekly updates via emails for suggested mantras (clearings) to use at the start and at the end of their sessions if they wish to take their students to the next level by completley clearing stresses we all experience from living life.  

Anyone including yoga instructors can also choose to become affiliates (FREE) selling units, and if any of your students or friends inquire about where to purchase a DE Portable or any other energetic device we sell, the yoga teacher gives them their personal affiliate code from our site and he or she will as a registered affiliate, earn 10% of the retail price of any unit purchased, minus taxes and shipping.  So if one or more student(s) in a session asks about and purchases a unit from our website,  (www.balancedenergystructuredwater.com), you earn 10% minus tax and shipping, every time your referral buys anything using your personal code, as long as you are a registered affiliate.  It is a soft sell, no high pressure.  All devices come with a 100% 90-day money back guarantee and a 20-year warranty against faulty workmanship.  Nothing to lose!  

 To be an affiliate please sign up at the bottom of the workshop page.  (www.balancedenergystructuredwater.com)

Plus the studio you work at can sign up and they get 10% of anything you sell minus tax and shipping, and that is a great way to say thank you for letting me teach at this yoga studio.  So you earn more money and the studio earns money too!   It is win-win for everyone.  You generate extra income for you and your studio, and that will make the studio owners happy.  No hassles, no pressure sales.  You are just telling your friends about the benefits of using structured air, water, and sound.

To learn more about the workshops and the technology click here: (www.balancedenergystructuredwater.com)

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